Funny Food Art

Funny Food Art by Bill Wurtzel is brilliant. Bill Wurtzel started making artistic, healthy breakfasts on weekends just to amuse his wife Claire. No pre-planning, just spontaneous creations inspired by whatever ingredients are on hand. Several years ago she encouraged Bill to photograph the breakfasts because they were spectacular but gone in minutes.

Bill & Claire emailed the photos to friends and family, who became inspired to create their own healthy, silly breakfasts. The positive responses they received were overwhelming.

In June of 2011, the New York Times printed an article about Bill’s guitar playing and surprised him by featuring the breakfasts on the front page of the online New York Times. That led to their book, “Funny Food” – 365 Fun, Healthy, Silly, Creative breakfasts.

Claire and Bill aspire to make learning about healthy eating fun. They conduct Funny Food Workshops in schools. All who attend are encouraged to play with, and then eat their healthy food. They advise people to just jump right in and jump-start the creativity that’s in all of us. Your breakfasts don’t have to look like they’ll hang in the Louvre. It’s the gesture that counts

Real Medical Questions from Parents

This week’s topic is about baby sleeping positions answered by Dr. Liana Dao

What is the official ‘preferred’ method for a baby to sleep? Back sleeping is safer. It has decreased SIDS rate by at least 50%. Side sleeping has not been studied adequately, but from what is available it appears it is not as safe as back sleeping.

What if my baby is more comfortable on his belly? This is a common misperception. The baby becomes most comfortable only in the position he sleeps in the most.

Can I still put the baby on his stomach once in a while if I supervise? Yes.

When can I safely put my baby on his stomach? He will learn to roll over by about 5-6 months which usually means it’s safe for tummy sleeping.

An IT Bag for You and Baby!

Lunalu's Diary: An IT Bag for You and Baby!

First of all a diaper bag must be practical. But if it could be beautiful too, that would be much more better. With BB Bag by Gerard Darel you will have both!!